A more food-secure rural Africa with increasing numbers of prospering smallholder commercial farmers.


To transform African extension advisory services in partner countries to assure greater family food security and more profitable participation in commercial activities along the value chain, while respecting natural resources.

Strategic Goals

  1. Establish cost-effective farmer learning platforms that improve productivity in smallholder food systems, especially for resource-poor women farmers and those with low levels of technical efficiency, and increase food security and livelihoods.
  2. Enable smallholder farmers to capture a larger proportion of the economic benefits inherent in agricultural food value chains.
  3. Create Public-Private Partnerships that financially support delivery of extension services for enhanced smallholder agricultural development and enhance profitable market access.
  4. Strengthen agricultural extension systems by building capacity of extension professionals and smallholder farmers to accelerate agricultural productivity and credit more competitive value chains.
  5. Establish information and knowledge management information systems that enable adaptation, modification and change of technologies and approaches, improve efficiency and impacts, and communicate lessons and best practices for timely evidence-based decision-making.


The vision, mission and strategic goals described above serve as the foundation of the five SAA Themes and guide the overall and country-level activities of the organization, as well as the specific agendas of each Theme.

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