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SAA introductory movie (short ver.)

10-miniute long introductory movie of SAA.

SAA introductory movie (long ver.)

20-miniute long introductory movie of SAA.

Centenary of Dr. Norman Borlaug in Uganda

SAA hosted an event to commemorate the centenary of Dr. Norman Borlaug in Jinja, Uganda in July 2014.

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Setting the Grassroots on Fire

Norman Borlaug and Africa's Green Revolution (1999)

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Ethiopia, My Hope... My Future...

The 'Green Revolution' in Ethiopia (1998)

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Breaking the Mould

Bringing African Universities into Development (1997)

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Fulfilling the Promise

How nutritionally-improved maize can alleviate malnutrition in maize dependent countries (1997)

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Facing the Future

The SG 2000 Programme for Agricultural Development in Africa (1996)

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You Can't Eat Potential

Breaking Africa's Cycle of Poverty (1996)

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Feeding the Future: A Green Revolution in Ghana

A film Documentary about the Sasakawa Global 2000 Agricultural Project

All videos are available in English and French.

For copies, please contact Raitt Orr & Associates Ltd in London.
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Feeding the Future

SAA History Book
"Take it to the farmer"

Electronic version of SAA History Book is available here.

success stories

SAA Success Stories

Electronic version of SAA Success Stories is available here.

Feeding the future

Newsletter of the
Sasakawa Africa

Electronic version of Feeding the Future are available here.

To be kept informed of Feeding the Future updates and news via e-mail or to order printed copies, please contact from here.

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